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The whole BOWEN range is an open invitation to dream, travel and pleasure.

It is also, as you will discover, a tribute to beauty and refinement. Its smooth mellowness and its rich aromas are equally appealing. Its deliciously old fashioned yet extraordinarily modern splendour is simply irresistible.
Take a plunge into the BOWEN world.

The history of the BOWEN range started when a man created a blend of Cognac especially for a woman.

That man was the great-grandfather of René-Luc Chabasse, owner of Cognac estates and brands. In the course of one of his trips to India, he met Elisabeth BOWEN, a young English lady whose family owned a farm near Pondicherry.

He put all his expertise and sensitivity into crafting an aromatic and subtle Cognac for her.

That wonderful story was the beginning of the adventures of the BOWEN Cognacs, that has since been perpetuated in a similar spirit of travels and discovery to form the rich and exciting range offered to you today.

A living heritage

This vinyard benefits from a high potential with its location in the pretty territory of Charente-Maritime, in a harmonious landscape of 80 hectares (197 acres) of woods and land planted with two prestigious vintages: Fins Bois and Borderies. Here, we give our Cognacs the luxury of time to let them express their full personalities with more or less time to age in oak barrels from Limousin.


BOWEN Cognacs are elaborated with passion and a strong, refined and complex style to make great Cognacs emanating from a demanding day-to-day challenge.

Quality begins with handmade precision and specific attention is given to every step of wine making, from harvesting to blending.

Private mansion for reception and offices

The headquarters of BOWEN Cognac are located in Saint-Jean- d’Angély. There, right in the city center, the house welcomes its customers in a large reception hotel showing a universe of colours and textures where the alliance of contemporary design and antique pieces reflect a perfect alchemy between the old and the modern.
A true haven of peace with a subtle and warm atmosphere.